Hi, my name is Asaf Liran and I’m a 3D game artist from Israel.

Growing up in the 90’s, I played video games and watched movies ever since I remember myself. When Toy Story came out, I discovered the 3D and Animation world, which was the second best thing. The first was finding out that people are actually getting paid to make this stuff.

My first experience with digital art was making mods for the FIFA games series. Starting out as a texture artist, I was part of a team that added a league to the new game each year for about a decade. Later on I was in charge of managing a library of assets (such as 3D models of football stadiums), editing the database of the game, producing the final mod and solving technical issues.

My next objective was taking my passion for 3D art one step ahead so I enrolled IAC (the Israeli Animation College), taking the Game Dev and Design course.